Types of Breaks

Window Breaks St. Cloud, MN

You may have wondered what types of breaks happen to windows. Read below to find out about the most common breaks Tom's repairs right here in St. Cloud, MN.

Star Break

One of the most difficult to repair, the star break is a rock chip with multiple fingers extending from the center. When properly fixed, the star break will not grow, but there is a chance you will still be able to see the break after it's been repaired. A high viscosity resin is needed. This resin flows to all the ends of the break.

Bull's- eye Break

This is one of the most easily repaired breaks and can be fixed without having to use a drill or vacuum. It looks like a circle and after it's fixed, it usually disappears and hardly ever spreads.

Combination break

This break is the combination of a bull's-eye and a star break and is very difficult to repair. The glass can be damaged quite badly and parts can even be missing at times. Normally you can still see the break after its been repaired. Replacement of the window might be the best option. Speak with Tom to decide which would be the best for you.

Half-Moon Break

This type of break does not make a complete circle and is very similar to the bull's-eye break, easier to fix and hardly ever spreads.